Friday, June 02, 2006

June 2, 2006......

I woke up waaaayyyyyyy too early this morning! 4 am. Not sure why just woke up and was awake. Been noodling around with the cindygimbronebeads website and was able to customize it a little more. I've been able to add my logo/business card to the header. It repeats itself but I'd rather have just one big card as the header - I'll keep working on it.

Weekend coming up so I'll be able to work at the torch this weekend. I really need to clean and re-organize. I posted a picture a few days ago of my workbench and you can see I really need to do something! I just love to try to have EVERYTHING at my fingertips!
Posted a couple of pictures of beads I've made in the fairly recent past. I really love the flower ring. The finding was made by Catherine Ondrey and unfortunately, she isn't making them anymore. The ring is mine - I made it especially for me - so sorry to those who'd like to purchase it. It's a great ring!

The red flower is a one of a kind. Unfortunately, it met with an early demise - the customer who bought it contacted me days after she bought it to tell me it had lost one of its petals (yes it was properly annealed). Having guaranteed it for the first 7 days, I remade one for her free of charge and it is in her possession as I write this. It was a one of a kind - a test the market - do people like this flower? Would they buy it? It was the first thing sold off my table at Urban Glass. I may make a few more during the summer. If you like it, then keep your eyes out for the possibility that a few will appear on my website.

Cooler weather allows me to work at the torch and with fusing glass at the same time. I feel so productive when I can do that! It's making me want another kiln, though. A small one to use for jewelry pieces. I have a large one (15" across) for plates and cutting boards, but it does take quite awhile to ramp up and fuse and then anneal. I'll be perusing the websites for small "test" kilns - I'm feeling the need. I think that the new torch idea is out for this year. To upgrade, I want to buy a generator and that is around $2K. Yikes! Don't feel I can justify that at this point. I need to generate more $$ before I can invest in the whole upgrade - I really really really want to do goblets, though and I'll need more fire-power!

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