Thursday, June 29, 2006

New glass color!

A new glass color! The glass factory in Italy has come up with a new shade of green - parrot green! Sitting at the torch with the color, the glass wanted to be a mask bead. I've been trying faces on and off for a few years. Usually, I'm not completely satisfied with the result. This one is cute - the green is just perfect with the other contrasting colors.

I'll be working in the studio today. It's a good day to work - temperature won't go above 75 degrees Farenheit so it won't be too hot. After my morning walk, I'll be at the torch. Yipppee!


The Jeweled Reporter said...

This would make a great hat pin, with peacock feathers from the top!

LampworkDiva said...

Great suggestion, Jeweled Reporter! Thanks for looking and posting!