Friday, January 18, 2008

Bead Commitment Issues Support Group Unite!

Ah HA! Some brave souls have stepped forward to admit their issues along with me - they too have commitment issues with beads and/or yarn! (see yesterday's comments). I too am a yarn-holic, most of yarn/crochet posts go to hooksandfire. However, it seems bead commitment issues can be similar to the yarn commitment issues - so maybe I need to call the group, BYCISG (bik-izg)? Hmmm.... that doesn't roll off the tongue too well but despite the acronym's unpronouncability - we're here and we're admitting our issue! We have difficulty committing to designs!

Do you have difficulty putting that treasured bead or yarn into a design? While you're making a piece, are you thinking of all the other designs you could choose? If you answered yes, tell us you're here and comment! Join us!

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