Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bead Vegan Introduction

Once in awhile, I'm going to post on cooking vegan. Why? Well, the food's darn good so why not share it with everyone?!? Besides, I sort of like the sassy attitude I see in Veganland, it's fun. So, what's not to like? Good food, fun and laughs, that'll make a great post and oh yeah, I'm a beadmaker so I'm going to call these occasional posts - Bead Vegan! I'll post something vegan-y and a bead-y pix. Cool? Cool!

Last week, I bought Vegan With A Vengence(VWAV). Yeah, I know in the Vegan World, I'm sooo far behind! But Sunday morning, I got up and made Scrambled Tofu. All I have to say is AWESOME! Even better, VWAV came from the show Post Punk Kitchen and the recipe is posted there for y'all to see and try yourself!

So now, on to the bead-y part of the post - Blue Arts and Crafts Hearts. When I'm working at the torch on a series like Heartz n Skullz, I usually throw in one "play" bead which means I take a completely different color and just play - varying the colors, technique just slightly to see what happens - the play beads are one of a kind and that's where you'll find this one on my site.

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