Sunday, January 06, 2008

WWG! Battle of the Glass! SuperNova vs. Psyche

Striking glass or glass that can display a variety of iridescent colors when worked just right in a flame is all the rage now in the glass beadmaking world. The glass in rod form is very expensive as compared to the average glass rod - a .25 lb costs $25.00 (that's $100 per pound of glass) compared to $5.00 for a .25 lb of an average color like red, yellow or blue. There's a reason for the cost, the iridescent glass is handmade and to exacting standards. I compared two of the glasses, DoubleHelixGlassworks Psyche and Lauscha's SuperNova in a psuedo-smackdown:

Both glasses are purple in rod form
Both glasses reduce in the flame
Which one will yield the best color in the Lampwork Diva's Flame?

Psyche hands down!

I'm not a newbie. I can strike color out of glass - I've struck tongue pink! But Supernova will not strike for me. I'm not the only one who has trouble with it. Oh, once in awhile I will get a few iridescent shimmers but nothing like the DoubleHelix glass. DHG will strike to beautiful shades of iridescent blue, purple,green and cream the moment the oxygen in the flame is slightly reduced. Now that's what I'm talking about! You done good DHG!

No, I'm not bashing Lauscha glass - Lauscha glass is not fussy, not temperamental and comes in gorgeous colors. I'm happy to buy it and use it! I love the purple of Supernova - just don't expect it to be too much else.

(photo of Psyche from and photo of Supernova from

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