Thursday, January 17, 2008

I have commitment issues....

...with jewelry, not people. I make beads because I used to have certain bead designs in my head. I couldn't buy the designs I wanted so I learned to make beads. Now that I can make beads, I have trouble fully committing them to a design.

Do any of you do that?

I'll think of a design for a group of beads and reluctantly put them into a piece - all the while thinking of the other designs I could do with the same beads. Isn't that why some people never marry? While dating they think of all the other people they could be dating? That's a committment issue and I have it with beads.

I have two finished pieces on my desk now. They've been sitting there for about 2 months. After I made them, I immediately wanted to rip them apart - I could have done a better design. But I'm forcing myself to keep them, to see if I can get over my committment phobia. Not sure it's going to work, I'm eyeing them as I write this entry.

I need a Bead Committment Issues Support Group - and want you to help form one by responding with a comment - are you able to commit or not?


Lisa said...

I don't make beads but use them in about 90% of my stuff...and I still have commitment issues from time to time. :) I'll look at a set and kind of know what I want to do with them, but it is like I'm afraid "the perfect design" won't happen and I won't do the beads justice. Frustrating for sure!

Age said...

I can second Lisa's comment. I have the same problem with yarn. "Ooh that's cool! I should buy it." Then I sit and agonize over what will be good enough to not waste the yarn.

I do it with beads to, but to a lesser extent.

Hubby has mostly fixed the problem for me. We have a standing agreement. I can't buy craft supplies unless I KNOW what I'm going to use it for. And he can't buy a gaming book just because everybody he talks gaming with said so, he has to actually read it.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Yes, I see the seeds of a Bead Committment Issues Support Group forming - I'm not alone! YAY!

Yes, Age, I can do the same thing with yarn too - another problem I have with bead supplies and yarn is I want it all! I go into a store and think, MINE, MINE, MINE! :-)