Monday, June 16, 2008

Heat spoils the studio but improves the newsletter!

I know I won't be alone with this complaint but it's been too hot for me to work in the studio. Instead, I've been working on ways to improve the monthly newsletter. I have exciting news - some of the top jewelry and craft designers have agreed to do exclusive interviews for my newsletter! YAY! As I write, I have another interview on the way. The newsletter will go out this week. Margot Potter will be the first interview - you know Margot from her fabulous Impatient Beader series of books. Margot's been working on a series of fun and funky craft how to videos. So to get ready for her newsletter interview, let's see the Sparkly Miss Madge with the ever famous Sock Monkey!


Margot Potter said...

Cindy Dahling!

Thank you! It's been wicked hot around these parts. Makes me want to run to an air conditioned movie theatre!

Damn straw pile...


Cindy Gimbrone said...

You're welcome! You're the coolest thing around my studio today! :-)