Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Studio Interruptus....

Yesterday's planned session in the studio was a bust. I was called away to sign interpret at the hospital. I had to go - turned out the person in the hospital was a very dear friend. So, I dropped what I was doing and went on the call.

While sitting at the hospital waiting for the doctor to honor us with her presence, I started thinking how I can re-design the glass hands. I made these regularly during 2003-2006. I still make them but don't have them up on my website - but want to re-design them and sell them again. They fit with the whole talisman thing I have going on.

Hmmmmm.....time to take out the sketchbook.


Anonymous said...

I love the hands.
My instinct inspiration thought...
It would be neet if the "rainbow" of colors radiated from the center of the hand.
Whatcha think?
Go with it; it is your flow!
(Love your work)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Sheila,

Love the idea of the rainbow of colors radiating fro the center of the hand! Thanks for stopping by and commenting - love your work too! :-)


Hawley Studios said...

Fun colors! 8)