Monday, November 03, 2008

About Food and Hating Mondays.....

It's Monday. As I sit here in a daze between sentences, I'm just wasting time trying to get motivated. Ugh. I'm not ready for another week!

I wanted to put a Boomtown Rats video on my blog this morning but the embedding feature was disabled.


Good idea thwarted.

Darn but I'll post the link so you can go and watch I Don't Like Mondays and a young Bob Geldof before LiveAid and the funky 1980's fashion.

I like what Bob Geldof is doing but sometimes I think in the US we forget we have people who are hungry too.

I hate Mondays, love '80's fashion and support my local food bank.

What about you?


angelinabeadalina said...

Well, it's been a good hour and a half (at least) since you posted this, so I'm hoping your Monday has started out fairly smoothly :) Today, I think I like Monday, because I haven't torched at all during a three day weekend for the kiddos. However, I also think I'm now going to be humming "I wanna shoot the whole day down" and "I don't like Mondays" for the rest of the day :)

Deb said...

"Tell ya what - I don't like Tuesday's" (either when they seem to be a run on from the Mondayitis).

Hope the day got better for you Cindy - I always expect to feel that after a weekend with the kidlets hanging arund, on Monday I'm going to hit the floor running. Does it happen....nah, not often.

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I agree wth you 100 percent. we have people her starving. possibl right next door to you, or to me. Pn th eother hand, itis wonderful to support people all over the workd these das and we are a familyy and our boundaries habe been blurred b the arrival of the internet and the constant presence of TV.I spnet a lot of my 30's listening to the song you mentioned... with my kids in the backseat. WOW! Was Iirresonsible. I don't think so. My actual behavior as a responsible human outweighed anthing the song would have done to affect them. We all enjoyed it!