Monday, November 10, 2008

Hammering Away....

Lately, I've been developing a new relationship with my hammers. Not my carpenter's hammer but the ball peen and chasing hammers. Although I have basic hammer knowledge, I'm learning the finer points - like why are there so many choices in chasing hammers?

My ball peen hammer and I have a serious relationship that has developed from creating pendants for my sentimental junk, here a pieces of pottery found in the garden one spring day.

Filing smooth, hammering the edge and creating a texture for the brass sheet is soothing and cathartic as I pound over and over again to get just the right finish to the bowl bezel.

I'm going to add a couple of beads or charms at one end but can't decide if I should make a metal charm or if I should look for paw through my box of junk looking for a teeny tiny sentimental whatnot.

Have YOU hammered something lately? Doesn't haven't to be jewelry, it might just be hammering a loose nail. Do you think it's cathartic or do you just miss and get your thumb(OUCH!)?

(Hammer Photo Credit: Ball Peen Hammer)

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angelinabeadalina said...

I'm a clutz who comes from a long line of hammer wielding builders, so I'll gladly try to hammer just about anything BUT I also know the chances are great that I will hammer a finger,too!

P.S. If you do smash a finger, grab a bag of frozen peas or frozen corn from the freezer to wrap around it. Leave it wrapped around your finger until the veggies have thawed, and your finger might not turn 43 shades of purple! I've decided a wasted bag of veggies is a small price to pay for rescuing my fingernail, LOL