Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Amazing Night....

Wow, what an amazing night it was - even here in my own small microcosm of North America.

It started with The Teen bursting through the front door with a group of friends around dinner time. They were wound up, excited, loud - I was a bit miffed because it was a school night and he's got lots of unfinished homework to do. But my chiding him wasn't going to touch the bubble of enthusiasm he and his friends had around them. The Teen announced they were going to watch the elections and it just had to be a party because Obama was going to win!

It took a little time to sink in, afterall Generation Jones sat through the Watergate hearings and the apathy of voters - I wasn't old enough to vote then but it set a tone many of my peers followed.

I, on the other hand, believed in Jimmy Carter - the first president I was old enough to vote for and doggedly voted - telling others I had to vote because not participating wasn't an option.

I took my son into the voting booth from the time he was an infant. Always explaining it was important to vote. When he was old enough, we'd talk about who we liked and why.

I guess that's why on Monday night, he used his cell phone to call for Obama.

Last night, I saw something I've never seen - excitement, involvement from a generation of teens who aren't supposed to care, who aren't supposed to have a work ethic, who are supposed to be numbed by videogames.

With each state result, there was squeeling or groans and suddenly I'd be surrounded by the teens asking what did I think it meant? What was going to happen? We discussed it and went back to watching the results.

When the election was called, screams emanated from my house - I wonder if the neighbors knew it was excitement over a political process and not just another teen party.

I'm impressed with The Teen (I know I'm biased) but he wasn't the only one. It was the whole country. I'm amazed and filled with pride.

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Deb said...

I'm impressed with your teen to Cindy! Then again with a Mum like you - what other choice did he have ;o)

Even though I live thousands of miles away & in the scheme of things what I wanted didn't matter.... I just have to say that I was thrilled to watch the results roll in online.

I was equally as thrilled when my 11 year old daughter squealed with delight as soon as she knew that Obama had won!

It's great to want to stand behind our kids when we know they actually care about what is right for the world :o)