Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Inspiration in New Wave

I'm obsessed lately with singing one of my old favs - The Romantics - What I Like About You. It's still a great song with lots of edge. The Romantics were considered "new wave" which according to Wikipedia is:

New Wave is an inexact term for a rock genre that originated in 1976. The term started as applying to punk rock music. It evolved to cover punk based acts that mixed in other elements.

I've been searching around to see if I can find a few good examples of jewelry worn by the "New Wavers" (of which I was one). Skinny ties, sneakers with a suit for guys but been having trouble with the girls. I found this one - How to Look Punk: The New Wave of Sound and Style

Looks like a chain belt and/or some charms hanging from a chain - aren't those back in style now?

Anyhoo - it may or may not lead to any inspired beadmaking on my part but I have The Romantics blaring in my studio and I still remember when to clap and yell, "Hey!"

Got a harmonica anyone?


angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, so I grew up on country music, but a lot of the pop/rock/punk filtered throughout pop culture...and I love that song! I'll bet your New Wave inspired beads and jewelry will be incredible!

Just A Tish said...

this is the best! i am bouncing in my cube :)


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Angela,

Although we weren't playing alot of country music - I do like some of it. Rockabilly and New Wave are a good pairing! Stray Cats?

I did have a ticket to see Elvis at the state fair when he died. Never got to see him live.

Not sure I'll be making any beads inspired by it but the music gets me pumped and in a great mood!

Bead on - HEY!(a reference to the song)

Cindy Gimbrone said...


LOL! I went into work in my pod the other day bouncing around - it just gets you going!