Monday, October 31, 2011

On My Workbench: New Off Loom Beadweaving with Seed Beads

I'm working on a off-loom beadweaving technique, right angle weave. I'm not a rank beginner to off loom beadweaving. I learned peyote and brick stitch about 10 years ago and have a little 4 x 6 box where I keep my off loom work.

I've never taken on RAW though and when I saw Kalmach's new addition to their Stitch Workshop series, I figured it was a good time to teach myself.  So I'm in the middle of a series of "practice bracelets," simple, flat right angle weave done with .5mm stretch cording.

I'll review the book the book tomorrow after I finish the bracelets I've started. What about you, have you done any off loom beadweaving lately?


Hazel Ward said...

I've only ever done off-loom bead-weaving - unfortunately, I'm one of those people who end up spilling all the tiny beads off my workspace, so I end up working on the floor, picking up the beads as I work :D

Your beading box looks very inviting :)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks for stopping by, Hazel! I pick up all kinds of beads from my floor too. Putting away the size 6 seed beads I used for this project, I missed the drawer and all the beads spilled onto the deep pile carpet! Ugh! What a time I had picking those up! :-)

Now to work the RAW into jewelry with my lampwork beads!

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Gold Charm Bracelet said...

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