Monday, August 20, 2007

Etsy Creative Glass Guild Trivia Challenge

I love glass and all things trivia related to glass. If you're like me, then
the Creative Glass Guild of Etsy (CGGE) has a challenge for you!

BUT FIRST:.... To play, you must join ETSY

WHEN? August 26th at 4pm PST (7pm EST, 10pm UK)

This is a fun trivia contest featuring questions written by CGGE members about the CGGE team and members, it’s kind of a meet and greet, but you will have the chance to win some AWESOME prizes!

We will be giving out a total of 3 glass prize packages! The FIRST place winner will receive a fused glass slider pendant donated by Lisa Hammer

a stained glass butterfly donated by creationsinglass,

AND a fused glass bubble sushi dish donated by glassprimitif , similar to the one pictured below!

WHOA! If that is not enough, the SECOND place winner will receive a stunning pendant donated by Smokeylady54

and the THIRD place winner will receive another stunning pendant donated by Aardvart.

Trivia Game Instructions: It’s easy! I will be posing a series of questions on the to a thread in the Etsy Promotions forum every few minutes. The first person to respond with a correct answer to the thread will receive 4 points, the second person will receive 3 points, the third person will receive 2 points and any other people responding with a correct answer will receive 1 point. At the end of the game, I will tally up the points and announce the top three winners. PLEASE REMEMBER TO POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE THREAD TO GET YOUR POINTS COUNTED.

**IMPORTANT: Following our first Sunday Street Team Trivia contest, we would like to invite ANY other Street Team to continue this contest each recurring Sunday. Each team, will be responsible for coming up with their own prizes, questions, and administrators of the thread. If you are interested please convo creationsinglass to be put on the schedule! WE plan on working with Sara of EtsyTeams to promote this NEW recurring TEAM EVENT! It’s a great chance to get some additional exposure for your team and make a lot of new friends in the community!

♥A special “Thanks” to lisahammer for helping to organize this contest, blissbyheather for allowing us to modify her original contest, and our talented glass artisans who donated the gorgeous prizes, lisahammer, creationsinglass, glassprimitif, Smokeylady54, and Aardvart. ♥

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