Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Twilight and yep, still looking for my USB....

Here's another Niagara Skies bead - this one is made with intense blue for a more transparent effect - like when it just starts to get dark at night. Twilight. Pretty.

Worked on and off yesterday cleaning the office and no luck finding the USB cord to my camera. I think my shutterbug son is the culprit - he denies it - but I'm pretty sure he's got it. Where else could it be? I put a few pieces of glass in the kiln yesterday. Testing out the image transfer paper that I blogged about a few weeks ago - I set up the glass perfectly, fired to full fuse and annealed. Opened the kiln and nothing! Argh! Must be that the image wasn't copied with carbon based toner! The disappointment! It was such a cool image! Oh well, back to the copy store.

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