Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today's Treat

Today marks the beginning of a repeating blog series called, "Today's Treat." I'll showcase a piece of jewelry or a special bead with a story behind it. The art beads and jewelry I create has a story behind it, a reason it was created and I'll share those stories with you.

Today's Treat showcases pendants I created with Earthenwood Moon face and Green Girls Studio Dryad head . I have a personal stash of Earthenwood beads - Melanie imbues her beads with her personality, sensitive, earth conscious with attention to detail. Each Earthenwood bead is finely crafted. I sense the same feeling from Green Girl Studios work - each bead has significance - when you create with a Green Girl bead, you're making a statement about the natural environment. Both of these face beads carry their own message so I wanted to create pendants that would stand alone on a single rubber cord.

I paired the face beads with my Glass Spirals and sterling silver. While the moon face and the dryad head speak to the natural world, they're also whimsical. They needn't be too serious. I wanted to create a fantasy pendant and in order to achieve that, I needed wings. Glass wings were created at the torch using silver foil and dichroic glass to make them shimmer. The "wing" beads are versatile and look like wings or tail fins depending on how they're strung. A sterling silver crown completes the fantasy.

Artbeadscene hosts a monthly design challenge with fabulous themes - so hats off to ABS for inspiring me with their August Challenge - Midsummer Night's Dream. This is my midsummer night's dream, what is your midsummer night dream like?


Heather Powers said...

I love the fairy Cindy! what a great way to sculpt with art beads.

melanie brooks said...

Cindy! I love how you used my little face bead to make a fairy queen with your wings and spiral. I also love the way you used it as a tail. Excellent idea!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks, Heather! I like to use beads as parts to a whole oftentimes. I love the results with this one!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thank you, Melanie! The face beads you create are soo expressive - I love them! The fairy is a good example of "turning things upside down" and seeing what the beads can look like if strung a little differently.