Monday, August 27, 2007

The Wind and Remembering....

I love the wind. It reminds me of the family farm in the summer - there was usually a breeze that would blow through the sheer curtains that my mother always had in the windows. The curtains would float up and bring with it a coolness that just made you feel good.

The wind is the reason I love the Bruce Peninsula- the wind off Lake Huron is strong enough to create the white caps, blow off your hat and tie your hair up in knots. The hour I have to spend brushing out my twisted hair isn't enough to make me avoid the beach or Lake Huron. I go year after year.

Most of us don't like the wind but I do and I'm not always sure why. Something about the wind seems to sweep me up and take me along with it. I feel like the sheer curtains held for brief moments at a time in mid-air and then dropped - giving me that "lose your tummy" feeling. Maybe that's the reason I love the wind - it makes me feel slightly giddy and happy.

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