Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Alternative Design Inspiration: Punk

Photo by Dijiddle

Alternative style - punk style is what today is about. Sunday I blogged about the tail end of the baby boom generation as a separate group - The Jones Generation. I think the Jones Generation had a particular attitude that fed into the emerging punk style of the late 1970's ala the Ramones and The Clash. It was pre-spiked hair and dog collars although Vivienne Westwood was making that popular in the UK. Punk was designed to shock. The style and music was stripped down - with a heavy dose of DIY. Chains, slogan t-shirts and customized blazers.

A straight A student in high school, I had an artsy side that came out in what I wore. I loved the rebellious nature of punk. I wasn't willing to drop out of school but I was willing to shock by wearing the style and listen to the music! I latched onto the customized blazer - I borrowed old pinstriped blazers from the back of my father's closet and customized it with vintage rhinestone pins, shoe clips and whatever else I could find. I could change it the look by changing the pins and buttons on it. Cool!

So the current trend in DIY and punk style is just as fun now as it was then. Punk style now is full of skulls, dyed hair, black with a punch of color, chains, hearts and plaid. Some call it punk, pop punk, hardcore punk, and there is even something called "Steampunk". There's lots of overlap with Goth style but I'm going to hold off on Goth until tomorrow. When I think of Millenium Punk, I think of this Blythe Doll from Etsy.

All of this is where the Heartz n Skullz and Industry series of beads come from. Slightly different in feel, they are inspired by the same punk aesthetic.

So, when designing with Punk inspired beads, you might want to turn up your old record player and listen to the Ramones. Here are the Ramones in Rock and Roll High School - Enjoy!


capitolagirl said...

I'm a big fan of the Ramones and Punk in general. Being a child of the 80s during the first days of MTV, I spent a fair share of my time in the center of a mosh pit, and I sooooo miss it. Thanks for your post today, it brings back fond memories :-) Love the Blythe doll and love your punk-inspired beads!

Joann said...

I love it when you share your inspirations! I especially like the gear necklace. I'm still mining the "country club mom" vein. Maybe it's time to find another influence? My fav Ramones song is "I want to be sedated" :D

LampworkDiva said...

Hi Capitola Girl - the dancing part of punk was FUN! Jumping up and down and the mosh pit but we weren't calling it that yet. If could, I would dye my hair turquoise blue - as it was, in the early '80's my hair was an inch long and stood up! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :-)


LampworkDiva said...

Hi Joann - thank you! You have good taste in music - I want to be sedated is a great song! Not all my work is alternative but some of it is and it comes out of the punk that I was 20 years ago - oooppss did I say that out loud? :-) Thanks for taking the time to comment!