Friday, March 07, 2008

Unchain My Heart

I think I'm up before Margot is this morning so I'm probably unveiling this before she does. But I'm so excited that I have to show it now! The necklace is entitled, "Unchain My Heart." Margot has a run down on how she created it so check it out on her blog. If you missed last night's post, the necklace features one of my Pinz in my Heart focal beads. Squee!!


Margot Potter said...

Hey There Ms. Cindy!

I got my post up, I have to get my daughter on the bus in the mornings and then I start my work day. Took me a while to insert the hot links, but it looks good! I whipped up a coordinating bracelet with some beads from Earthenwood Studio last night.

Thanks so much for the inspiration! Your bead led the way!

Ms. Margot

LampworkDiva said...

You're welcome! I'm thrilled to see in such a fabulous necklace! YAY!