Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Mix...

The kiln is warming up and it's about time for me to head out to the studio. I'll be making more doodles/glass links today. Along with those I make a few spirals playing around with different color combinations and shapes - an "even" spiral and one that peaks toward the center rather than the top.

Transparent amber is another good color to work with - it holds the heat of the flame, preventing the glass from cracking and doesn't blob out of shape. And it reminds me of maple syrup!

Time to make the beads! Enjoy your day! :-)


Joann said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I love the ivory and turquoise spiral! I just need to get some money to buy it LOL.

I like the shape of the amber one, but I'm not much into brown.

LampworkDiva said...

Thanks, Joann! I like the amber shape too. Expect to see it in another color :-)