Thursday, March 06, 2008


I'm late in posting today. Wednesday night I had to stay up and watch the finale of Project Runway - especially since in a finale teaser I heard Christian say that his collection was "Romantic Goth." Perfect for my theme - alternative jewelry styles and segues nicely from my last post! So I just had to stay up past my bedtime to watch it! Even though Christian was the fan favorite, I didn't find him "fierce" until last night. His collection was one piece of art after another! Tim Gunn didn't love the ruffles at the neck, but I sure did!

I wouldn't be able to wear any of his clothes because I'm a real life sized girl - but it doesn't mean I don't love how it looks or how well these young ladies are wearing the clothes. Gorgeous! I think the "Romantic Goth" wasn't quite as edgey as Chris March but I'm sure Victoria Beckham will wear Christian's clothes well. Bravo, Christian, you WERE FIERCE!(Photos above from the Elle magazine website.)

I know another designer who is FIERCE - Margot Potter! She's created a new necklace entitled, "Unchain My Heart" that features a Pinz in my Heart focal bead made by moi! I'm posting a teaser tonight but tomorrow Margot will post the full necklace on her blog. Make sure you take a look - it's fierce!

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