Saturday, March 01, 2008

New Beads Part 2: Gears

Tuesday, I promised I would show the other industrial type beads I made - I've named them gears. These are a bronze-y caramel and black and made on a 1/2 inch mandrel. I really like it and it goes well with the other "gears." The bronze color is cool!

Originally, I wanted glass that would turn a silvery color but I didn't have any. AND I didn't think I could get any. Well, the internet has yielded just the color - a black glass by Reichenbach available through Olympic Color Rods. I ordered it and can't wait to play with it. It should take about a week to get here from the Pacific Northwest US.

While you're web-surfing today, make sure you stop by Art Bead Scene's Studio Saturday - today is Tari Sasser.

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