Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beading on a Budget: Beginner Project

Here's a quick and easy pendant made from the supplies and spiral bead you've purchased this week. It's called "Encircled Spiral."

Beadmaker Tip ALERT: Beadmakers often have a story about the beads s/he creates. It's a cost free way to lend special significance to the jewelry you make.

Supplies I used:

1 Glass Spiral

Largest blue glass circle

3 round silver jump rings

3.5 inches silver 20 gauge wire

I show only 1 jump ring in the picture but after I started to make the pendant, I thought it would be more stylish and secure with 3 jump rings. You can use 1 - 3 according to your own preference.

Using your round nose pliers, or your stepped jaw pliers to make a loop at the one end of the wire. This will be the top loop.

String the spiral onto the looped wire with the loop at the top of the spiral.

From the bottom, wind the wire around the spiral moving toward the top.

Use the round nose plies to make a loop at the end of the wire.

Nestle the bottom loop into the spiral.

Open purchased jump rings with your fingers.

Attach 1 to 3 jump rings to the spiral and the glass circle.

Voila! You've completed the Encircled Spiral Pendant!

Wondering what to string the Encircled Pendant on? Yep, you guessed it, that's tomorrow's blog post! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Nice project! Just wondering where I could find that type of glass circle? Do they come in various sizes? I've been looking almost everywhere after that type of shape, to use in a jewellery project.
Pls mail me if you can help me out!
Thx! :o)