Sunday, April 06, 2008

What's In a Name?

What's in a name? Free beads! Let's re-cap the names suggested for Cyndi's necklace:

Suggestions from Lampwork Diva aka Cindy Gimbrone's blog:

Spiral Door - Carlene
Fantasy Unlock – Ruth
Lilbitz4U - Elaine
Key to Happiness – Joann
Bowkey or bowkey spiral –missyb30
Key to Memories – Linda
Anyone Home? Karen
Beaded Beauty – mssherrieg
Madeame Labeaux’s Sanctum – Kwikarma -
Romantikee or Romanzkey or Romantique – Lori
The Key to your Heart – Rochelle
Key to Bliss – Shaiha

Suggestions from Cyndi Lavin's blog:

Key to the Kingdon – Joella Miller
Mystic Magic – Candace Parker
Heirloom Chic – Empy
The Key to my Jewels- Sharon Mehalof
Heart’s Key or My Heart’s Chatelaine – Kathy Mary
Lucky – Kelly Trimble
Twisted Truth or Hidden Twist – Hope
Nana’s Treasure or Sweet Catherine – Texastesla
Charming- Dora
The Jailer – Robin
Unlocked Treasures – Li
Unlocket or Unlock It – Debby Dittler-Ratliff
Bell Epoch – Chris
Key East – Rita
Riddle Necklace – Diana
Lady Violet Loses Her Slippers at the Ball – Marzipan
Victoriana – Cristine
Lorelei – Locksmithed Love
Darwin’s Keychain – Liz Roberts

What's your favorite?

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