Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Modern Glass Link Earrings for the Classic Mom

Today is my contribution for Ornament Thursday. If you're out of ideas on what to make Mom for Mother's Day, here's a quick and easy beginner project! Modern Glass Link Earrings for the Classic Mom!


2 Organic Glass Links in Black

6 inches silver wire

2 Anodized Aluminum 1/2 inch jump rings in silver

2 Antiqued Silver coated clay beads

Form ear wires. String Organic Glass Links onto Silver colored jump rings. Attach to ear wires. String Silver coated clay beads onto ear wires. Voila! A modern set of earrings in a classic color combination and goes with everything you own.


Hali Chambers said...

Simple and classic--love these!
:-) Hali

Lisa said...

Oh very pretty...

Katie Hacker said...

I think you should call these modern glass link earrings for the classic rockin' mom!

Michelle McGee said...

Gosh, I love these!