Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Lots of bead blog buzz lately about social networking. On a social networking blog you can put what kind of mood you're in. Blogger has thankfully left that cutesy feature out but I need it just for today so I'm adding it.

This morning I feel bouncy (insert emoticon of happy face annoyingly bouncing up and down here).


Tomorrow I'll introduce a new variation on the Glass Links - whoo hoo! I can hardly wait!

"Well," you think,"that's silly, just put the #$%@!! things up today!"

"Yes, I could," I say, " but I wanted to update the website with the first variation, the Bling Links before I introduced another variation. AND I wanted to announce it on the blog first."

So, I'm bouncy in anticipation but I'm also bouncy because I updated my site. It's like re-stocking the shelves in a store. Oh and I wrote up and scheduled my May newsletter to go out.

I didn't do the laundry or clean the house - but who cares about that?!

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