Monday, July 21, 2008

Color Take-Out

Today is our play date. I'm playing with color in a different way, trying to think like beaders and jewelry designers rather than a glass beadmaker. I hoard beads like beaders do and am drawn to beads I don't know how I'll use them so you can imagine I have a HUGE stash of beads. For awhile now, I've had an idea of selling a grouping like you order take out, you know when you order, "I'll take a number 1 and a number 6" and it comes to your table all together. I've finally decided how to go about it, with my mind set on color and what a beader wants to "order." I've started putting together mixes with this in mind and selecting from my personal stash of beads. It's called...

Beads to Go! Bead Mixes and are available only in my Etsy Shop.

Yeah, I know, I over-use the "!" I'm trying to convey emotion through the internet, almost impossible to do, but I try with "!" The jury is out whether it works or not. But anyways....I've put together some Beads to Go! Mixes based on my color work. Here's your chance to see how I'm doing.

A high contrast combinaton of colors, red and my beloved yellow. I've combined reds in the same saturation and hue as accent beads and have a smaller percentage of yellow for an accent. It's a bright and happy combination:

A mustard yellow or one with more black in it is combined with red again, it reminds me of Tibetan Prayer Flags:

How'm doin' so far? What do you think?

I make beads based on a color palette. I set out the glass rods in specific colors and then all my beads are made of those colors that day. One day, I set out black, ivory and amber. I was developing the Glyph Series so I selected the colors based on how I could "draw" with them instead of the selecting based on the pleasing color combination. It works as a color palette even though I didn't intend it.

I combined various orphan beads into this Beads to Go Mix called Sahara. I mixed in some ocher yellow and brown. It's interesting to look at the glass in a completely different way. I'm moving outside my own box, and is a challenge I haven't taken consciously before. How do think I've done?


angelinabeadalina said...

I love the idea-- great for grabbing just the right amount of color coordinated beads for a project.

Deb said...

Great idea Cindy - I'm hooked on the last bead set, just love those colors together!....& the name 'Sahara' has me hooked!
I'm enjoying your posts on color - believe me, I am truly color challenged.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Those beads make my fingers itch to use them, Cindy. Great color combos, especially like the tibetan prayer flag mix, those are up my alley.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Angela!

Yes! That's what I think too - let's hope customers agree with us :-)


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks, Deb! Glad you're enjoying the color posts. I'm wondering if you're taking a good look at your avatar? It looks pretty colorful to me! :-) The colors remind me of Klimt - beautiful!


Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Lynn,

Me too! After I chose the color combinations I was tempted to keep all of them! LOL! But it's time for them to be adopted out :-)