Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Domino Effect

Everything that happens is like a domino effect, ya know? Seems like whenever I have plans to do something, a million things get in the way. One thing leads to another and I never get to what I had planned to do.

Tell me it happens to you too - purdy ppplllleeeaassseee!

Well, here's how the dominoes fell yesterday. I was so excited to have a whole day at the torch. I'd worked two weeks straight without a break and was looking forward to making some glass links and experimenting with some ideas. Got to the studio and my minor torch whimped out on me - I couldn't get more than 1/4 inch long flame. I cleaned and checked for leaks and nothing. Still don't know what was wrong with it - but I decided to switch out the minor for my midrange torch. It has a premix top burner so I can melt boro.

Switching out the torches meant a trip to the welding supply to get flashback arrestors and quick disconnects. What are those you ask? You don't really need to know except they're safety features so I don't burn down my house and the neighborhood. But back to the welding supply - I had to find one first. I'd used one a few years back but seems it went out of business. Found one fairly close to me and made a quick trip over there. But I didn't haven't anything to cut the hosing with - so another trip to Home Depot to get some cutters. Back home to take down the minor - but have you seen my workbench?

Forget it! I'm not showing it to you! Anyways, it's a mess so I had to clean off the bench a bit before I could put the midrange on it.

Then to run the hosing and make sure it's the right length - you know how it goes - this didn't fit right, there was a leak here, I couldn't get the torch to light- yada yada yada.

Then it was 6 pm. Poof! The whole day gone - I felt like the Witch of West melting - all my lovely time at the torch, gone, gone, gone!


It's 6:19am - I'm going to get torch time in before I have to sign interpret. Goal is to be melting glass at 7:15 am.

Ignore those dominos stacking up....I'm going to!

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