Thursday, July 17, 2008

Take a Spin with Color: Color Week Starts Now!


1. the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or chroma; hue.

HUH? Ok, you didn't come to my blog to read the dictionary for pete's sake! I know, I know,I know...I'm not going to launch into a dry explanation of color. Remember this is Color Week and I'm challenging myself to use color in unexpected ways. So, I need to point out that color is tied into vision for us bipeds.

80% of what we learn, understand and react to is visual. We require visual stimulation and that includes color.

We need color.

We want color.

It keeps us sane.

Color keeps us alive.

That's serious business, right? So maybe I should take an organized approach, right?

If you read my blog, I don't tread the well trodden path, I like to do things intuitively - mix it up and see what comes out. Now where might I find that in my quest for color?

Ooo - remember theSpin Art at the Fair?

Here's a Spin the Color Wheel that's fun and unexpected. After you've spun the wheel a few times, you can click around the site - it's full of awesome color tools.

Explore Color and see where it takes you.

(Credits: General facts about sensory input and human beings from Color Matters website; Spin Art Photo)


Megan/Brassy Apple said...

thanks for posting about my spin art tutorial! I would love to have you a couple of photos of your project to my new flickr group! You could even win! check out the details here:

and here's the link to the flickr group - brassy apple projects:


Cindy Gimbrone said...

You're welcome Megan! :-)

Maybe my Windchime Ornament with the Rainbow Spiral qualifies for your group - that would be really cool.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about it.