Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WireHead Makes Jewelry

Made this anklet after my first wire wrapping class in 1997. Done in 20 gauge copper and Czech pressed glass beads, druks. See? I'm loving greens and teals! Nicely done if I do say so myself, good wraps on the beads and look at those loops!

Wire got me into melting glass because one addiction leads to another. Books are another obsession and I started buying jewelry related books the moment I touched a piece of wire. I'm BeadLit-ing on my first book but here's what it looks like - I'm always taking the road not taken so it's a bit off the beaten path - found object jewelry before it was called that.

I didn't intend to keep these but somehow I did. I got tooo busy raising my son so they were saved only because I neglected to give them away. It makes me wonder - Have you kept the firsts of your work?


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Sometimes when I find jewelry made 'back when' I take it apart and re-make it, kind of an ecology recycling project for jewelry! So it's hard to locate anything really old because it might have been re-strung somewhere else. Go green, right? :-)

I blogged about doing that with some beads my daughter made a long time ago, and now I'm wearing them again. FUN!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Lynn,

Absolutely go green - recycle and re-use! Bet your daughter is happy to see you wearing her beads again :-) Hmmm do you think I could re-use the faux turqoise beads made from a potato my son made 6 years ago? wink!