Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee with Russ and bronze metal clay

It was quiet yesterday around these parts. I was busy working most of the day in the studio. When it's quiet, I start to think and realized I hadn't had a conversation with Russ lately and I hadn't updated you on the money

This morning, I made a cup of coffee and Russ and I went out onto the back patio just outside my studio to check out the new grass.

Ok, so watching grass grow isn't very exciting but after the mud and sink holes, I DO find it exciting.

I know, I need to get a life!

So, with all that excitement, what's a girl and Russ to do? Get back into the studio and be creative!

Yesterday, I worked with the bronze metal clay while Russ watched, cheering me on in his laid-back-ponytail-way.

So, I've finished off the coffee, time to get back to the bronze metal pieces. What are you up to in your studio? Have you seen Russ lately?


TesoriTrovati said...

Uh oh...I think Russ has been a prisoner of my purse of late! It is a lovely purse but I am sure that he wants to come out to play! I need to get back in my studio. But life has been pulling me in all sorts of directions. Tonight is the night! Enjoy the day Cindy!

Just A Tish said...

He woo'd my muse and drug her off to the bahamas.........

rosebud101 said...

No, I haven't seen Russ lately! I wish he'd visit so we could chat.