Friday, July 03, 2009

This Week's Giveaway, Sgraffito and More Giveaways

Today is the last day I'm taking comments for this week's giveaway. Any comment made on any blogpost since Tuesday will be entered for the drawing of the Glyph Inspired Beads.

Which reminds me, there's more giveaways to be had. I'm one of the sponsors for this month's Art Bead Scene Challenge - The Lascaux Horses.

The Glyph Series is inspired by cave paintings and petroglyhs. I'm working on new Glyph beads this summer so I'm clearing out my inventory to make room. I'm offering up these to the winner of the ABS July Challenge:

I'm intrigued by the symbolism and meaning of the cave paintings. They could mean nothing other than what they represent or they could have been an expression of something deeper. So use your imagination to come up with something that expresses your thoughts, straightforward or cryptic. You could win more free beads!

I've experiemented with the Glyph Series before. A couple of years ago, I was working on a sgraffito technique using enamels. According to, the word sgraffito comes from the Italian word which means "to scratch." More widely done in ceramics, I created a prototype bead where I painted enamel onto glass and scratched out a glyph design. I'm adverse to sifting enamels and releasing the fine glass particles into the air where I could potentially inhale them. (To the safety experts - yes I have good ventilation but no powder booth). When the enamels are suspended in a binder or liquid, I don't need to worry about shaking them. But after painting, I wasn't able to get a fine line with the tool I was using and the enamel came off in clumps rather than the fine line you see in the link.

Not satisfied with how this looked and after several other failed attempts, I turned to another technique which you see in the ABS July Challenge beads.

Do you think I should revisit the sgraffito style Glyph bead?


rosebud101 said...

Yes, I do think you should. I have a feeling that now you are ready to move beyond the point where you stopped and develop a deeper understanding of what is in your heart regarding this bead.

Just A Tish said...

Those beads are amazing - I can see an abstract horse in one.

when i see the painting, i think it is the migration of the grass land animals, moving to higher elevations to stay cool in the summer. Can you imagine, standing there, and watching thousands of these beasts moving in one big herd. miles and miles of them stretched out across the plains. it would be breathtaking

and yes - i think you should revisit the sgraffito style bead. you are your own worst critic you know ;)

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Thanks, Tish :-)

You're right about me being my own worst critic! I keep thinking about the sgraffito - I just gotta do it again!

Thanks, Mallory! I think I will try it again. :-)


Jennifer Cameron said...

I was thinking about what could probably be called sgraffito for an entry for the art beads challenge. We'll see...It's the thing I keep coming back to in me head though.